Work on detailed business case intensifies

News article

28 March 2018

The Southern Partnership Group has intensified its focus on the new Dunedin Hospital detailed business case, now its work on site selection is finished.

Convenor Pete Hodgson said the detailed business case has been under development ‘for many months’ but the Group was now focused on meeting the mid-year deadline for getting it finished.

“It is a big bit of work which has multiple work streams. All large capital projects go through this important process. It doesn’t exactly get the blood racing but it involves endless decisions ranging from the rough size of each new theatre through to how the tendering process for key contracts might best be handled.

“Most of the hard work happens outside of our Group but we must be in a position to provide Ministers with an assurance it is up to scratch, and on time. There are pinch points along the way, and there are always more questions than answers. However the project is starting to slowly take shape.

Mr Hodgson reiterated his expectation the Government would make a site announcement next month.