Weeks 30 onwards

Jane and Pat are 36 weeks pregnant. Find out how about how they are preparing for labour and birth and some of the choices in their birth plan. Hear how antenatal classes helped Pat and Jane prepare for baby's arrival. Jane explains why she plans to breastfeed her baby and talks about preparing during pregnancy.

Stay healthy for you and your baby by eating safely and well and being active. Avoid alcohol, smoking and drugs.

Most women feel some aches and pains during their pregnancy but sometimes there are problems during pregnancy that need urgent medical attention.

If you haven't had them already, your baby will still benefit from you being immunised for flu and whooping cough – the vaccines are free for pregnant women.

Now is a good time to start thinking about which general practice (doctor and practice nurse) you would like to enrol your baby with. It’s important to enrol your baby at birth or as soon as possible after that so they can get their first immunisations on time and be able to get health services if they are needed. 

Research shows that sleeping on your side from 28 weeks of pregnancy halves your risk of stillbirth compared with sleeping on your back. Cure Kids, in conjunction with the University of Auckland, have developed safe sleeping resources for women from 28 weeks of pregnancy. See the Sleep On Side website for more information and resources.


Labour and Birthing information

Your Labour Your Way – Your labour pain relief choices – a guide for New Zealand women





Labour Project for Early Labour

Caesarean Section

Assisted Birth

Evidence Based Recommendations to Help Reduce Perineal Trauma and/or Improve Comfort

Induction of Labour

Items you could put in your labour bag

Labour Positions

Pain Relief in Labour and Childbirth

The Use of TENS in Labour

How to give support as labour intensifies

Epidurals For Managing Your Pain During Child Birth

Natural pain relief techniques for childbirth using Accupressure

Hospital Bag

Evidence based recommendations to help reduce perineal trauma and/or improve comfort

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