Register Interest to be Involved

We are looking for passionate and motivated clinicians to join our pathway working groups.  These are short term roles that are anticipated to be for approximately 6-8 weeks per pathway with weekly 2 hour meetings.  If you are interested please contact Gerard Gregory on 06 348 0109 ext 738 or email:  Please indicate if you would like to be a Clinical Lead or a member of the working group, what pathway/s you are interested in and what discipline you represent (i.e. general practice, hospital, pharmacy, allied health etc.).

If you are interested in participating on a collaborative working group to help develop our local pathways for Whanganui, please complete the Expression of Interest form at the bottom of the page.

Roles and Responsibilities

Clinical Lead

Minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities required:

  • Extensive experience in relevant clinical setting.
  • Ability to provide a clear direction including initial actions.
  • Skilled in applying knowledge of environment resulting in sound and insightful strategic decisions.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of trends in clinical field.
  • Demonstrates skill in applying theory and trends to own practice.
  • Peers seek advice in relation to clinical skills/practice.
  • Practice demonstrates commitment to the provision of a quality service.

Principal duties and responsibilities:

  1. Provides active leadership, strategic direction and advice to facilitate the development, implementation and refinement of their collaborative clinical pathway
  2. Provides skilled clinical expertise into the development of drafts and final versions of the clinical pathway
  3. Ultimately responsible for the content of the final pathway
  4. Actively champions and provides professional direction and leadership
  5. Participates collectively and collaboratively with other clinical leaders and experts, to provide a clinical directorship function for the development of the pathway
  6. Ensure clinical risk is identified and appropriately managed
  7. Will actively participate in Collaborative Group meetings and adhere to the project timetable
  8. Will attend all Collaborative Group meetings
  9. Will come prepared to each Collaborative Group meeting

Working Group

Working group members are individuals with a strong knowledge of a particular area of expertise, who also have the ability to understand and respect diverse points of view.

Individual members nominated themselves to participate in the working group.

  1. Participate actively in group process to help ensure that progress is made, milestones are set, and the group operates in a fair manner
  2. Regularly attend meetings/sessions
  3. Review meeting minutes and participate in email discussions
  4. Working group members serve as conduits for two-way information exchange with their colleagues and/or peers to keep them informed about the process and the issues under discussion
  5. Accept and complete action items in a timely manner
  6. Share the responsibility of ensuring the success and the quality of the pathway
  7. Help ensure that the core rule of operation (rough consensus) is achieved

Map of medicine - Generic Collaborative Working Group EOI 24 Sept 2014