DataPharm online pharmaceuticals data tool is now live

News article

15 March 2018

The Ministry of Health has launched DataPharm, an online tool making it easier for New Zealanders to find information about publicly funded prescriptions.

DataPharm presents information from the Ministry of Health’s Pharmaceutical Collection. This receives data whenever a local pharmacy makes a claim to the Ministry to subsidise a prescription, when someone collects it. While DataPharm will be useful for people who regularly analyse information about publicly funded prescriptions, such as policy analysts and researchers, anyone can access the tool at any time.

There are some limitations with the information because it only captures information about publicly funded prescriptions collected at local pharmacies. It doesn’t record information about medicines people purchase at retailers, for example paracetamol bought at a supermarket. However, DataPharm provides a useful snapshot of publicly funded pharmaceutical use in New Zealand. There’s detailed help on DataPharm to ensure people understand how to use the tool and interpret the information.

Go to DataPharm to find out more.