COVID-19 media update, 25 June

News article

25 June 2020

The Director-General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, provided an update to the media today at 1.00 pm.

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There are three new cases of COVID-19 to report on today.

Questions from journalists: 

  • Those three new positive cases had to be transferred. Are the Ministry confident they have been transferred safely? 
  • Do the crew on those flights have to isolate now? If not, why not? 
  • With the new case definition, does that mean it will be harder to get tests? 
  • Have we enough swabs? 
  • If you have a cold or a flu or a sore throat, you won’t have to be tested now? 
  • Did you bring this decision (case definition) forward as a result of a rush on demand? 
  • Have things changed in the past few days? 
  • When did you notify the Health Minister about the case definition change? 
  • People in the Ibis hotel are concerned about communication – Are you confident in the process? 
  • Are you expecting to see more cases after people were transported together? 
  • How did Dr Bloomfield feel yesterday after the Ministers comments? 
  • Is Dr Bloomfield being blamed around things that were outside his control? 
  • Questions around the Allen and Clarke report. 
  • PHU’s want a nationalised unit, why does the software used not fill the need for contact tracing? 
  • Are we looking at different procedures for people arriving from more “high-risk” countries? 
  • Before someone gets on a flight, does the Ministry know the details of who is getting on each individual flight? 
  • Is genome sequencing being used currently? 
  • Is something like sewage testing an approach to sentinel testing? 
  • The people being followed up that haven’t been tested, do they have to prove that they have been tested? 
  • Will people be wearing masks on transport when going into managed isolation? 
  • Does Dr Bloomfield think air crew should be isolating? 
  • Can Dr Bloomfield clarify how a recovery was recorded? 
  • Is there any further work being done on tracing where people may have picked up an infection? – Follow up  
  • Will compassionate exemptions be rolled out again? 
  • Thoughts on the proposal for a potential Covid Card? 
  • Looking at testing labs. 
  • The testing of border workers and airline crew.