COVID-19 media update, 24 June

News article

24 June 2020

The Director-General of Health, Dr Ashley Bloomfield, provided an update to the media today at 1.30pm.

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There is one new case of COVID-19 to report in managed isolation in New Zealand today.  

Questions from journalists:

  • Can you categorically rule out any community transmission? 
  • Out of that number let out, did anyone test positive? 
  • What does Dr Bloomfield make of Todd Mullers comments this morning? 
  • Why were guests at the IBIS hotel been given notice to stay in their rooms? 
  • If someone tests positive in Rotorua or Christchurch, where will they be going? 
  • Are those facilities ready to go now? 
  • Are there concerns around the one person not returning calls? 
  • What’s the threshold for moving someone to a managed isolation/quarantine facility? 
  • Can you talk about why certain protocols were not applied? 
  • Were proper protocols applied to any application after June 9? 
  • Are there concerns around the way people were transported to Rotorua? 
  • With the high demand for testing, what is the advice for members of the public? 
  • Is the current level of public testing still sustainable? 
  • What are the protocols when people arrive at facilities?  
  • How do health staff oversee people come off planes? 
  • With that record number of testing, are people feeling nervous that COVID could be out in the community? 
  • Do we have enough CBACs? 
  • Some people have been told they may have to wait up to 8 days for a result, is that quick enough? 
  • Has there been a relationship breakdown between the Director General and the Minister of Health?